Better Appraisers

Appraisals are not commodities. Since there is a wide variance in appraisal quality, one simple fact is inescapable: Better Appraisals come from Better Appraisers! It’s never about “cheapest and fastest” at FCAM. Sloppy, non-credible work reflects poorly on all of us, delaying loan decisions, and disrupting closing schedules. FCAM is an industry-leader in providing Customary and Reasonable Fees to ensure we can recruit and register the best local Appraisers in every market area. Then our team retains the most qualified local Appraisers by rewarding them with repeat work and respecting their expertise.

Think AMC 2.0 – At First Choice Appraisal Management (FCAM), our incredibly talented Appraiser Panel drives our success. The initial AMC model was often adversarial and based on a business model that effectively reduced appraisal fees for Appraisers. FCAM operates with full transparency and with an ethical business model: Cost Plus.

ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of the appraisal fee goes to the Appraiser, who completes the assignment. FCAM charges a separately itemized administration fee to the Client for the many value-added services included in our managed appraisal solutions. FCAM is Appraiser-owned, Appraiser-managed, and Appraiser-friendly.

FCAM is communicating, educating, and providing professional development opportunities for Appraisers. From hosting Appraiser luncheons and happy hour events, by attending national conferences, by developing and delivering training presentations to Agents and Lenders, and by instructing Continuing Education courses, the FCAM Team works to improve professional relationships across disciplines, bridge gaps in industry knowledge, and foster better working relationships among Agents, Appraisers, and Lenders.

FCAM is fully compliant. We will do the right thing by you. And AIR is what we breathe! Our Quality Control staff works for you, not against you, to help ensure consistent appraisal quality. When challenges or problems arise, the FCAM Team will not abandon you to struggle alone. Anytime you ask for assistance, clarification or guidance, you’ve got it. If you just want to be left alone to do your job — we’re good at that, too!

If you’re an Appraiser, and have read this far, you may still be skeptical. Give us a chance to prove ourselves. We are truly looking for mutually-rewarding partnerships with expert Appraisers; Partnerships based upon professional courtesy, quality, integrity, and compliance. While we do have high standards for our Appraiser-partners, we expect them to hold us accountable, too. We pay Appraisers FAST, every two weeks, and we offer ACH direct deposit if you want to receive your payments immediately.

All we ask is that you do good work, keep us updated, be professional (nice is a plus!), and honor your commitments, please. We’ll respond in kind and strive to support your continued success. Trust is reciprocal and earned over time. Work with us, and you’ll soon realize the FCAM Team is operating in good faith to build community among the appraisal, mortgage lending, and real estate professionals of the Western United States.

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