David Manning, Quality Control Manager

David Manning is the Quality Control Manager at First Choice Appraisal Management (FCAM). David joined the company in 2012 to lead its robust quality control function, streamline the qc process, and speed-up report deliveries to Clients. As the QC Manager, David’s responsibilities include meeting SLA’s for QC production, overseeing new appraiser applications and appraiser performance audits, training QC Analysts, integrating technology into the Quality Control process, and resolving compliance concerns and other escalated issues.

A descendant of a Pioneer family that traveled across the Oregon Trail into the Oregon Territory in 1850 to farm a 640-acre land claim, David was born and raised in Northeast Portland, OR. Later he graduated from Portland State University with the highest honors, and was the recipient of numerous scholarships, grants, and awards. His internships included service at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC, and at the Northwest Film Center. David went on to complete post-baccalaureate courses while completing a teaching assistantship at PSU, and also served a term on the PSU Alumni Board of Directors.

David began his career as a Licensed Residential Appraiser in 2004, after completing a two-year apprenticeship. Over time, he gained geographic competency throughout most of the Willamette Valley. After twelve years with the Manning Appraisal Group, David transitioned into a Quality Control Analyst position with Wells Fargo Bank. At Wells Fargo, David performed administrative appraisal reviews on property valuations across the nation, reconciled collateral eligibility issues, consulted with senior management on escalated files, and addressed audit concerns. Rapidly promoted, David went on to provide appraisal training for Underwriters, consulted with the Risk Management Group on credit policy and AVM usage, managed an Appraiser Panel for the state of Idaho, and was designated a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for all things appraisal-related.

David has specialized in review appraisal practice throughout his successful career. Over the last twenty years, he has evaluated tens of thousands of appraisal reports developed by thousands of appraisers – both for USPAP compliance and for lending guidelines. David has also mentored and helped train numerous trainees and appraisers. Interacting with appraisers is truly enjoyable for David, who considers positive working relations with FCAM’s appraiser-partners to be of paramount importance.