Support & Service

  • Dedicated teams providing frequent support
  • Automated status notifications
  • Detailed turn time reports provided bi-monthly
  • Appraiser managers available to assist in explanation of the appraisal results
  • Dispute resolution process ensures results are well supported and reasonable
  • Licensed & Certified appraisers on staff for consulting/guidance


  • Date & time stamp communication log and audit trail
  • Certification of AIR compliance with each order
  • Customary & Reasonable Fees paid in a timely manner as required by Dodd-Frank
  • Provides an environment free of undue influence between loan production and the appraiser
quality control

Quality Control

  • Custom QC process ensures appraisal completeness, consistency, and fulfilment of underwriting guidelines
  • Collateral Underwriter warnings and errors addressed prior to delivery
  • Expedited processing of underwriting and post-closing conditions
  • Constant real-time monitoring of appraiser licensing, insurance, and performance statistics
Order Mangement

Order Management

  • Secure order placement with ability to add multiple users
  • Direct integrations with loan origination systems Broadcast feature
  • Engaging geographically competent appraisers with proven competency in the subject’s market area, appraisal product, and property type


  • Secure site access 24/7/365
  • Audit trail of communication and documents
  • Date/time stamp and user records in each order
  • Unlimited user accounts with custom access settings

Managed Appraisal Solutions

First Choice Appraisal Management (FCAM) knows that appraisals and reviews are not commodities. We know from years of experience that employing our expertise up-front to engage the right appraiser for your specific property and loan program mitigates most of the subsequent challenges, service delays, and multiple revision requests that plague poorly-placed orders. Since appraisal is a technical discipline, requiring specialized expertise, FCAM’s intelligent approach to the business ensures that Clients receive a higher level of personal service.

FCAM guarantees that the independent appraiser selected to perform an appraisal assignment holds a valid state certification or license at the time of the assignment, and that the appraiser performing the valuation is competent to develop credible results. First Choice Appraisal Management directly selects and engages the best local appraisers for every assignment. We match your assignment with local expert appraisers with experience in the subject property type, loan program, market area, and report form.

To guarantee compliance with AIR’s, FCAM employees have been trained to screen all communications to ensure only appropriate messages are delivered to appraisers. No value targets or inappropriate directions from anyone in loan production, the agent, borrower or any individual who stands to gain from the outcome of the appraisal, are delivered to appraisers. Our quality control evaluations, performed at no charge on every appraisal before delivery, ensure accuracy and reduce revisions. Experience the First Choice difference for yourself.

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