First Choice develops and delivers training and education courses to our Clients, Agents and Appraisers, and by instructing Continuing Education courses, the FCAM Team works to improve professional relationships across disciplines, bridge gaps in industry knowledge, and foster better working relationships among industry professionals.

Course Catalog

1. Understanding the Appraisal Fulfillment Process

A basics course on what happens after an order is submitted to the AMC, how it is completed by the appraiser, and the report delivered back to the client.

2. Appraisals for Non-Appraisers

A comprehensive overview of appraisals including theory, methodology, processes and results. Learn how appraisers get to their opinion of value and other important considerations.

3. Evaluating Appraisals for Loan Originators

An advanced course designed to educate loan originators on how to read appraisals and evaluate the results.

4. Leveraging Results for Reconsideration of Values

How do you get the best results when submitting a Reconsideration of Value? Learn what to do and what not to do when challenging the value conclusion on an appraisal report.

5. Introduction to Alternative Valuations

An overview of Alternative Valuation products. When and how to use Automated Valuation Models (AVM), Desktop Appraisals, and other useful products.

6. State of the Real Estate Market

A comprehensive overview of current market trends with relevant up-to-date data and analytics, as well as supply and demand and buyer sentiment.

7. The Future of Appraisals

An insight into the appraisal industry as you learn about the changes in appraiser requirements and how technology plays a role as things continue to evolve.

8. Pro Tips on Working with Your Appraisal Management Company

A comprehensive look at what your AMC does and what it does not do for you – you will be surprised. What you can do to help us help you leverage positive outcomes.

9. FCAM’s Role In Quality Control

An overview of FCAM’s Quality Control Department, what they do and don’t do, and ways they work efficiently together with loan production and underwriting to strengthen appraisal quality.

Continuing Education

Real Estate Agents/Referral Partners

First Choice is happy to represent your lending institution and present continuing education courses for your referral partners or other real estate agents. Whether you want us to present one of our core curriculum courses or speak on another subject matter, we are always willing to assist in education and help build your company’s reputation in your market.


First Choice’s team of expert appraisal managers develop relevant courses for appraisers within our geographic coverage area. We are honored to play a part in educating the appraisers that we work with on a daily basis and getting to know appraisers we will work with in the future.

First Choice is always willing to teach and train on any subject. If there is an area of interest not listed in the course catalog, let us know and we would be happy to develop a custom course for your business.

First Choice offers FCAM University as a NO COST value added service to our clients; one of the many reasons why First Choice is the Right Choice.