Privacy Policy and Data Security

First Choice Appraisal Management Privacy Policy

Consistent with our core values and company mission, First Choice Appraisal Management takes our Clients’ privacy seriously and operates the business with appropriate measures throughout the organization to ensure that all First Choice Appraisal Management employees comply with privacy safeguards.

First Choice Appraisal Management Privacy Statement

First Choice Appraisal Management (FCAM) is committed to safeguarding privacy and protecting Clients’ business activities and corporate information against unauthorized use. The following statements explain FCAM’s policies regarding the collection of data, information security, and privacy standards (“Privacy Policy”).

Information First Choice Appraisal Management Collects

First Choice Appraisal Management provides managed appraisal solutions for banks, credit unions, and mortgage lenders. Our Clients are businesses or other non-person legal entities. It should be noted that FCAM does not conduct business with consumers or other individuals. As part of our daily business operations, we routinely collect and retain limited non-confidential information about our Clients’ customers (“Customer Information”). This Customer Information consists of information regarding access contacts, property addresses, transaction types – such as Refinance or Purchase – and valuation services needed. This limited, non-confidential information is necessary for First Choice Appraisal Management to provide compliant appraisal management services for our Clients.

First Choice Appraisal Management is the sole owner of the information we collect. We will not sell, share, trade, or rent this information to others in ways different from what is disclosed within this Privacy Policy or agreed to contractually with our Clients. While the vast majority of the Customer Information we collect is not of a personal nature, certain information collected related to completion of an appraisal request and portions of the transaction information we receive may include public and non-public information about individuals as well as about the entities with which they conduct business activities. This includes agreements of sale for Purchase Transactions, for which FCAM provides appraisals.

All Customer Information obtained by First Choice Appraisal Management, whether it is information from visitors to our website, or collected during the processing of transactions, is regarded as “private” and we take appropriate steps to protect its integrity and confidentiality. No information regarding specific persons will be provided to any third party except:

  • to obtain contact information for employees to communicate and manage order details
  • As may be required to provide any of the services for which a customer has engaged First Choice Appraisal Management
  • As may be legally required by law
  • To assist in preventing or prosecuting fraud, or to otherwise comply with a requirement or request of the government.
  • To comply with the rules and regulations of any credit or debit card payment network.
  • With the person’s or company’s written consent.

Information Collected Via Our Website

We may solicit, collect, or retain public or non-public personal information regarding Clients or visitors to our website only as required to allow First Choice Appraisal Management to respond to requests for information about products and services, to execute a customer relationship, or other items required to provide our services. The only information First Choice Appraisal Management obtains about a visitor to our website is information that is voluntarily supplied. This type of personal information (name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.) will be used solely to contact Clients to fulfill their requests.

Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP)

First Choice Appraisal Management keeps all appraisal-related data confidential in compliance with the current version of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), as published by The Appraisal Foundation. We will not disclose confidential appraisal data to any third party without the written permission of the Client, who is the rightful owner of that data. Furthermore, our staff and independent fee appraisers have all executed written contracts with FCAM to keep this data confidential. Appraisals ordered through First Choice Appraisal Management are treated as a contract between the Client (ordering party) and the appraiser completing the work. First Choice Appraisal Management is an agent for the Client and works contractually with independent fee appraisers.

The Client (“Lender”) may disclose or distribute their appraisal reports to: the borrower; another lender at the request of the borrower; the mortgagee or its successors and assigns; mortgage insurers; government sponsored enterprises; other secondary market participants; data collection or reporting services; professional appraisal organizations; any department, agency, or instrumentality of the United States; and any state, the District of Columbia, or other jurisdictions; without having to obtain the appraiser’s or supervisory appraiser’s (if applicable) consent. Such consent must be obtained before this appraisal report may be disclosed or distributed to any other party (including, but not limited to, the public through advertising, public relations, news, sales, or other media).

Third Parties

Certain services sold by First Choice Appraisal Management may be provided by organizations with which First Choice Appraisal Management has a contractual relationship. In such cases, First Choice Appraisal Management may provide limited information obtained about a Client’s customer to these organizations – only as required to provide the products or services ordered by the Client. These vendors and service companies agree to respect the confidentiality of such information, safeguard it, and abide by applicable law. We may also be required to disclose Clients’ or their customers’ information in response to requests by legal, governmental, or regulatory agencies with proper jurisdiction.


The First Choice Appraisal Management website may create a file, or “cookie,” on the hard drive of visitors’ computers in order to retain information that is used by our website. These files are used during your online session to ensure that access to our site is authorized and to control certain parameters of your communication session with our website. We do not use these files to monitor the behavior of visitors to our sites.

Restrictions to Children

Our website does not provide content intended to attract or encourage the participation of children. We do not solicit or knowingly accept information from persons under the age of 18.

Data Security

At First Choice Appraisal Management, we have adopted the following additional measures we believe are crucial to the successful implementation and execution of our privacy policy to support our goal of 100% data security.

  • All employees are subject to a background check prior to hiring
  • All new employees are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement, demonstrate their knowledge of our privacy and security policies, and pledge to comply with them.
  • We require employees to utilize password protection on their assigned computers and change passwords regularly
  • Employees are not allowed to share their computer or allow another employee to borrow it
  • The office is always locked when no employees are present and all office keys are strictly managed
  • Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware programs are updated daily
  • Secure firewalls are in place to prevent unauthorized access
  • Cyber Security Insurance has been obtained for additional safety measure

Changes to First Choice Appraisal Management’s Information Security and Privacy Statement

In order to ensure that our information security and Privacy Policies are appropriate and effective, and that these Privacy Policies reflect the ongoing changes in our industry, First Choice Appraisal Management will review its policies and practices regularly and may make appropriate changes as warranted. When changes are made that affect First Choice Appraisal Management’s Privacy Policy, the First Choice Appraisal Management website will reflect such changes.


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