Jared Willis, Vice President, Client Accounts

Jared Willis joined First Choice Appraisal Management (FCAM) in 2015, because the company’s core values resonated with him. The FCAM staff operates with integrity, and acts with genuine regard to support the success of clients and appraisers. Jared contributed significantly to the hiring, training, and development of an expanded team of Account Representatives to support the company’s smart growth strategy. His role evolved as he developed and strengthened Client relationships throughout the Western region as the Client Experience Manager. Jared became the Business Development Director in 2018, growing and developing the First Choice brand and ensuring that new and existing Clients have a first-class customer experience and oversee special programs such as FCAM University and FCAM Cares.

Jared was born and raised in Southern California and later moved to Hawaii. He began his professional life at the age of 15 as an intern for one of SoCal’s largest concert production companies. At 16, Jared became a young entrepreneur by starting his own concert production business, handling band management and publicity for his acts. He is also a talented bassist, guitarist, and percussionist.

He started a new career path at the age of 21 in restaurant management, where he assisted in creating new training programs. In 2010, he transitioned into the marketing and advertising industry, working with Fortune 500 companies such as DirecTV, Vizio, and CenturyLink. Jared was awarded Partner of the Year from Best Buy and went on to work with Costco and Fred Meyers.

In his spare time, Jared loves to spend quality time with his wife, Toni, and son, Orion. They call themselves “The Three Musketeers” and love to go to local Portland events and destinations, such as the zoo and museums. Orion is a self-proclaimed “gamer” and loves superheroes and Star Wars. They all love to travel and spend time in the outdoors. Jared and Toni love to watch movies and read books as well.