Jeff Richards, Founder

Jeffrey Richards is the founder and majority owner of First Choice Appraisal Management (FCAM). Jeff founded the company in 2009 with the guiding values of quality and integrity, along with a strong abiding belief in the dignity of others. Jeff’s knack for creating close personal and professional relationships, combined with his passion for customer service, powered FCAM’s early success.

Today, FCAM is honored to serve many valued Clients throughout CA, ID, OR and WA. Jeff’s background as an appraiser specializing in complex properties benefits Clients and attracts appraisers to work with FCAM. As a managed appraisal solutions provider, FCAM leverages close working relationships with its panel of expert local appraisers to deliver outstanding results for Clients.

Jeff grew up in the Pacific Northwest, graduated from Beaverton High School, and was a tremendous athlete. He attended George Fox University on a basketball scholarship and was an All-League player of distinction. Although golf is Jeff’s current sport of choice, he still relies on the lessons he learned from basketball that extraordinary things can be achieved with hard work and teamwork. Clients appreciate the teamwork and positive attitudes of FCAM’s staff.

An engaging contemporaneous speaker, Jeff presents training to agents, appraisers, and lenders designed to foster a sense of teamwork, or interconnectedness, among all of the various professionals playing important roles in the real estate industry. Jeff believes that when all professionals work together to do the right things for homeowners and borrowers, home ownership can remain a viable part of the American dream.