Jon Grace, Director of Valuation Services

Thomas Jon Grace, or Jon as his friends call him, is the Director of Valuation Servises at First Choice Appraisal Management (FCAM). Jon joined the company in 2011 to strengthen appraisal quality and ensure that Clients receive credible appraisals. Jon holds the General Certified Appraiser credential, which is the highest scope of appraisal licensure, in OR and WA. He leverages his comprehensive knowledge of valuation services with a cordial coaching style to assist both appraisers and clients alike. Jon realizes that without service, there is no demand for quality, so he operates with a passion for customer service.

Jon was born in Texas and grew up in New Mexico. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in business and sociology at the University of Oregon in 1995. Near the end of his college years, Jon interviewed at a local bank exploring a possible career in financial services. The topic of appraisal came up during the interview, and Jon was immediately fascinated. Although he was just finishing four years of college, Jon signed up to begin appraisal licensing courses after his college graduation.

After Jon completed the required appraisal courses, he apprenticed with the Pacific NW’s foremost apartment valuation expert, Mr. Mark Barry, MAI. Jon valued apartments, and worked on other commercial appraisal assignments, over the next five years. He joined a residential appraisal firm thereafter, where he compounded his commercial appraisal expertise with residential valuation experience. Jon’s background as an appraiser empowers him to work closely with other appraisers to deliver outstanding results for Clients.