Tara Keitz, Vendor Manager

Tara Keitz is the Vendor Manager at First Choice Appraisal Management (FCAM). She enjoys working with the best appraisers in the industry today throughout the Western region. Tara is responsible for panel management including appraiser coverage areas, documentations, profiles, and scorecards. She works to inform, motivate, and support the appraiser-partners essential to the delivery of consistent quality and service for clients.

She was born in Southern California and raised in Southern Utah. Tara really enjoys the outdoors, particularly camping, fishing, and hiking. She is proud of her two sons and absolutely loves spending time with her beautiful granddaughter. Tara’s first job was as a receptionist for a plumbing company. Within a year, she was promoted to office manager based on her good work and reliability. Tara also attended school during her five years as office manager, to satisfy her passion for professional development.

In 2010, Tara began working as a Quality Control Analyst for GenPak. She was promoted a year later to Supervisor and remained with the company for five years. Tara joined FCAM in 2016 during a period of rapid growth. She looks forward to working closely with appraisers and empowering them to do their best work for a company that truly respects their expertise. Tara especially enjoys the fun-filled Appraiser Appreciation and Appraiser Happy Hour events that FCAM hosts to express the team’s gratitude for appraisers.